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11月14日,加拿大中餐酒店及管理协会在Markham万锦市的兰纳泰餐(Lanna Cuisine)举行了一场加拿大中餐协会会员私享会。此次活动汇聚了50余位嘉宾和协会会员,包括万锦旅游局、加拿大餐饮协会代表,以及多伦多主要中餐馆的老板和主理人。

会长Catherine Hou的致辞为活动拉开了序幕,她向与会者介绍了到场嘉宾,现场的嘉宾和会员对万锦市发展规划、禁塑令等重要话题进行了深入的分享和探讨。这些讨论不仅涉及当前的行业挑战,也探讨了未来的发展机遇,为加拿大中餐业的持续增长提供了新的思路和策略。



On November 14th, the Chinese Cuisine and Hospitality Association of Canada (CCHAC) hosted an exclusive member gathering at Lanna Cuisine in Markham, Ontario. This event brought together over 50 guests and members, including representatives from the Markham Tourism Bureau, the Canadian Restaurant Association, as well as owners and principals of major Chinese restaurants in Toronto.

The president, Catherine Hou, opened the event with a speech and introduced the attendees. In-depth discussions were held on topics like Markham’s development plan and plastic ban, addressing current industry challenges and future opportunities for the growth of the Chinese cuisine sector in Canada.

The wine tasting and networking session provided a platform for extensive exchange of experiences and insights, strengthening the internal connections and cooperative network within the industry. This gathering not only showcased the unity and dynamism of Canada’s Chinese culinary industry but also offered a valuable platform for exploring collaboration and collective industry development.

CCHAC is committed not only to promoting Chinese culinary culture in Canada and North America and preserving the essence of Chinese cuisine, but also to acting as a voice for overseas Chinese cuisine and hospitality professionals. The association actively protects the rights and interests of Chinese restaurant owners and consumers, promotes high standards for industry regulation, and explores further potential for industry development.


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